Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Happy Valentines Day

Have you ever got any chocolate or candy for Valentine? In Japan, there is a custom that girls give chocolates to someone whom they love as declarations of love. Valentines Day is a day for girl. On February 14th, though I don’t know when it started or why, a girl is allowed to tell someone she loves how she feels with confidence with the help of a chocolate. Of course, once a girl tells how she feels, it will succeed or it will not. While it seems to give girls happiness, it is not to say that all girls can succeed; I mean, there will be a girl who can tell her feelings simply and get sweet heart, and there will be a girl who gets her heart broken. Even if a girl doesn’t love anyone, she will enjoy the day. That is the Valentines Day.
First of all, Valentines Day often makes girls happy. Because it is a special day that encourages girls, many girls can tell their heart to someone whom they love with the help of chocolates. Girls prepare their own chocolate for someone in advance, it is one of their pleasures. Because they enjoy making or choosing chocolates and think of their love. “Does he like sweets?” “Does he like this one?” ”Can this one tell my feelings well?” like that. And more pleased moment is when they give someone whom they love the chocolates and when he takes it. When I was an elementary school student, I had given my chocolate to a boy who was very popular and good at basketball. To me, he was the best in the school and he was very special for several girls as well. So I made the chocolate with heart and soul for him, wondering if he would take it or not. Then it was a moment of joy when he took mine with bright smile. What’s more, he gave me a handkerchief with candies on the White Day. So I was very happy that my challenge succeeded.
But Valentines Day doesn't always make girls happy. Sometimes it brings them hard endings. It means that girls get their hearts broken. Certainly, she may feel deep sorrow because of rejection by a boy whom she loves, but it should be better than to tell nothing by herself and give it up. To tell about another experience of mine, the worst situation was that a friend of mine told the boy how I love him on ahead but he rejected it, and I got to know it before I tried to tell him by myself with the help of a chocolate. Once I had known that he would never accept me, I gave up to say what I wanted to tell him for long time without challenge, throwing my chocolate away. At that moment, Valentines Day became nothing but the worst day for me. I guess many girls have experienced bittersweet Valentines Day like me.
While many girls waver between joy and sorrow on February 14th, some of girls who are not in love also enjoy the day by another way. Lately, most girls present various sweets to their friends each other. It doesn’t need to be sweets, so sometimes it is utility goods and sometimes it is a teddy bear. It is new custom among girls, called Tomo-choco. Since I went to girls' high school, I baked cakes or pies and gave them to my friends every Valentines Day. And so did my friends. Therefore, various sweets and presents used to gather in school on the day. It was excited. So, girls don’t need to be in love to enjoy the day.
As I said that Valentines Day is a day for girls, even if she is in love or not, every girl enjoy the day by her own way. I guess this good event will go on as long as girls love someone. Of course I am going to bake a cake and to give it my sweet heart and my friends this year, too.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


(I believe this is related to the diversity. )

I am a reternee from Thailand.When I lived there,I had gone to Thai Japanese Association School,which had a large number of students from elementary school to junior high school.

Because students and their family came from various areas in Japan, I met very diverse friends who had really different backgrounds. In particular,there were also friends who had Japanese and Thai parents. Even though all students had different backgrounds,the friends with 2 different national parents seemed to have a special identity in common.They were both Japanese and Thai,so they had 2 nationalisms.I didn't care about it so much then,now they made me think of diversity in individual value ,the identity and my identity.
Also,TJAS gave me many chances meeting to Thai culture like Thai language, Thai manners and the interaction with Thai students.It was good experience for me to know that there were diversity.

This is a questionnaire about Japanese school in abroad by a university students. If you have an experience going to the school,please cooperate it for her graduation thesis.And if you didn't know about the school, I suggest you to look up for some information by yourself.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

What is the Originality?

What do you think of the originality in this world manuals are widely flooding.
That was the question that I took last saturday at a certain prep.
(I had to treat it in no more than 1000words within an hour.)
It was hard for me to tell that,so I could not make it.

so please tell me if you have any opinions about this.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

the anime i watched today

"Balablok" expressed the human's real face simply.

One day people of A group and B group met .
People of A had square figures,and People of B had circle figures.
So they were different from each other.
They were interested in the other people and started to meddle in each other,
then fought . It was a war.

(Mayb that was mainly because of the different figures.
Sometimes people are tend to see only other's outside with bias
without knowing their real inside.)

After the war,because they hit each other so heavily,
both people of A and B were no more square or circle ,but polyhedron.
Now that they got shared figures,people gave up the quarrel.
And once people with triangle figures came,
they started to fight immediately again.

Hatch Potch Station

This is a program of English Seminar Ⅱ.
Here we start new class .